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Tag: Lighting Design

How to Make Landscape Lighting Design Work For You

Landscape lighting is one of the most important factors in landscape architecture, because it not only adds beauty to your landscape but also improves the safety of the home and garden. It is also one of the few elements that can completely transform a landscape. There is nothing like lighting up your garden or driveway after a long day at work, especially at night. It makes everything seem so magical and elegant. It is a lot more relaxing than the harsh lighting provided by your electrical fixtures.

It is very important to choose the right type of landscape lighting design for your house and property. This means that you have to take the time to look into the various types of lights available, so you can pick out the best one for your needs. Choosing the right lights will help you to ensure that there is proper coverage of your garden area as well as create a romantic atmosphere around your home. A good lighting system for any home or garden is composed of four main types of lights: accent fixtures, lighting systems, uplights, and fluorescent fixtures. Each type of fixture has its own particular characteristics that you need to take into consideration when choosing them.

Accent Fixtures – these are the main lights used to draw the attention of passersby towards your house or your garden. They usually come in several different designs, such as traditional Tiffany. You should consider your design preferences when deciding on which fixtures to use, so you can come up with a unique and beautiful landscape lighting design. You should pay close attention to the size of the area that you want to focus on, so you know what design style you need to employ. The size of the fixtures also have a lot to do with the amount of light that they can produce, so make sure that they fit the outdoor space well.

Uplights – these fixtures are usually placed at the top of a garden or outdoor space. There are a number of designs available today, including those that sit upon the ground and those that stand in a specific place. A popular design today is the uplight that sits upon a tree in the middle of a garden. However, there are some styles that are hung from walls, and then there are solar-powered uplights that use the sun’s energy to light up the night. Most people opt for uplights today as they add a special aesthetic touch to any home or garden. These lights also provide artificial illumination during the day so you don’t have to worry about losing the light when it’s low on the ground.

Umbrellas – although not technically part of a landscape lighting design, these umbrellas are often included in the overall design plan. In fact, many people incorporate them into their overall landscaping plan because they provide such an elegant effect, especially when placed in the center of a large landscape. When positioned in the center of a garden, for example, they create a natural outline that frames the rest of the design. Likewise, adding them to your existing pool helps to eliminate any negative shadows, especially if your home has large, clear glass windows.

Path Lights – although not technically part of a landscape lighting design, these lights are a fantastic idea for adding functionality to your yard. Basically, path lights allow you to accent your landscaping with lights that move along a path. If your property already has outdoor path lights installed, you can simply replace those lights with newer, more energy efficient models. If your property is not yet equipped, you can still install path lights by purchasing an inexpensive post and stake combination kit and replacing the lamps with them. Overall, adding these lights to your landscape lighting design provides you with a sense of security and allows you to truly enjoy the outdoors whenever you want to. For a custom good landscape lighting design visit