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Month: June 2022

Vinyl Wrap: Fleet Wrap Vinyl Graphics

When you choose a vinyl graphic for your business vehicle, you’re not limited to the colors and images you choose. You can choose to use solid colored vinyl lettering or a mixture of both. There are countless benefits to using this type of graphic as it can reach a much wider audience and can be easily applied to any surface. Using vinyl graphics as part of your marketing campaign will help you increase the visibility of your business. It is also much less expensive to produce than other forms of advertising.

Fleet vehicles often feature vehicle wraps with specialty designs, such as camouflage and carbon fiber. Many of these materials are available at US Logo and can be easily swapped and rebranded, allowing you to switch them out as you see fit. You can even have them repainted as your needs change, so you can change the look of your fleet as needed. In fact, vinyl graphics are very durable and last for several years without needing any repairs.

You can apply your vehicle’s vinyl yourself if you have the time and resources to invest in the process. However, if you’re not confident in your vinyl application skills, a professional vehicle wrap company can help you get the perfect finish. Vehicle vinyl technicians are experienced and trained to make sure that the graphics are applied properly. However, mistakes are inevitable when working with vinyl, and they’re not easy to remove. Therefore, if you do a poor job, you’ll need to buy new vinyl and have it professionally installed.

The process of applying vinyl graphics involves peeling off the backing paper, removing the creases from the surface, and squeegeeing the graphic onto the surface. The graphics can be applied wet with application fluid, or completely dry without application fluid. However, you should be careful as bubbles may appear after a few days. This is caused by the vinyl solvent reacting with the surface. It is also important to note that new plastics and paint are not suitable for vinyl graphics.

If you’re unsure of the best way to apply vinyl graphics to your vehicle, it is recommended to contact a specialty shop or website. They have a range of options for every type of transportation vehicle and will ensure that your graphics are applied properly. Once you have found a shop that specializes in these materials, you can begin applying your custom graphics. You’ll need a special tool to cut vinyl graphics, so it’s essential to get the job done right the first time.

If you plan on changing your graphics on a regular basis, investing in a cutting machine is important. The smaller the business, the less frequently you’ll need to change them. If you want to change your graphics more often, you can hire a sign company to do the work for you. You’ll be glad you did! And don’t forget about the benefits of using a graphic designer to create your custom graphics. The end result is a better-looking and more cost-effective business.